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Davis feels he has failed, that by turning back he is giving in. He tries hard to convince himself it is just a setback but he has been searching for days and hasn’t yet managed to re-find the road.
Davis is lost, or at least this is how it seems, how he feels, but of course he isn’t. The road has led him to here and it is a place of plenty. Admittedly most of what is scattered and strewn on the ground is now useless – phones and tablets and other devices with screens. Many are broken, have been kicked about and stamped on but most are still intact, still in their original packaging.
Kneeling down, Davis grabs a phone. It is the one he had wanted before but hadn’t been able to afford. He claws at the box, pulling away the clear plastic and holds the phone in his hand. It is the latest model, he realises, the last model. There won’t be another, a sleeker and faster and more desirable version. Davis pushes the green button and waits but nothing happens.




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I have recently re-read the crime comic series ‘CRIMINAL’ by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. In fact, I pretty much binge read all six novels in one sitting. I came away feeling an empathy for most of the characters, not all of course – Sebastian Hyde and Riley Richards are, well, monsters. But most of the central players are trapped in a world they didn’t choose to inhabit and from which they are unable to escape. Tracey Lawless in particular emerges as admirable and decent.
As far as modern crime comics are concerned Brubaker and Phillips are certainly the big hitters. Wander into a comic shop on any High Street almost anywhere and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find some of their work up on the shelves.
I feel on the same wavelength as these guys. I recognise their influences and get most of the references. They love…

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