Head down I move amongst the throng in the arcade. I walk for a while, five minutes perhaps, before realising I am caught up in quite a shoal and I am pushing against the tide, all its components moving in the opposite direction.

I stumble to a halt, determined to wait it out. I won’t be spun around and forced in a direction I do not want to go. I watch as the crowd parts, stepping around me, indistinguishable.

Alarmed, I look again as it jostles and shoves. I feel disorientated and more than a little unsteady but I scrutinise the sea of faces. They do not look alike, almost but not quite. There are differences but they are subtle, too subtle.

I spot a girl with red hair and focus on her simply because she stands out and I need an anchor. I follow her but she disappears. I search again, scanning and scouring for someone, something, anything; a jaunty hat, a beard, braids, and there she is again: the redheaded girl.

But it isn’t her, it is another, the other’s doppelganger and there is no difference, nothing subtle and she is heading straight toward me.

But miraculously the crowd thins and I am able to move again, most of the shoppers now going my way.




2 thoughts on “DOPPELGANGERS

  1. dayya October 31, 2013 / 3:04 pm

    “Small Talk” was touching; I understood if the narrator made small talk out loud, no one would ever speak to him, thus defeating his attempt. Nice circular irony. Thank you too for visiting pendrifter. d:)

    • markrenney1 October 31, 2013 / 8:54 pm

      I really appreciate your taking the time to comment and hope we will both continue to write. Thanks.

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