What will I need? What shall I take? I reach for the holdall on top of the wardrobe. I put the photograph inside and press it flat against the base of the bag. It is mere minutes since I removed it from the frame and yet already it is creased. A pre-digital snap, beginning to fade and a little out of focus, it certainly looks the part as if it has significance and has endured, survived. And we do share a history, she and I, but I take the photograph from the holdall and, refolding it, lay it on the bed beside the broken frame.

What shall I take? I’ll need clothes and opening the wardrobe I step back. My things are packed in tight and the rail sags in the middle. I have more than I can take and I’ll have to sort through and decide but not now.

Carrying the empty holdall I make my way downstairs and in the lounge I stand in the centre looking around. It is pretty sparse. Just a few scattered ornaments and trinkets, more photographs and pictures in frames. Perhaps I should wilfully take from in here, choose the something I consider to be the most insignificant.

I move closer to the shelving unit in the alcove on the far wall and I notice her books, those few she left behind. I lift a hardback from on top. It is heavy, a brick, a mighty tome. It will at least act as ballast and I shove it into the bag.



8 thoughts on “GHOST LETTER 5

  1. The creased photo stood out in my mind, said so much. second thoughts, folded and left. You have my mind boggling at the word ballast. Hmm, pondering now. (Having packed a few bags during the last few years, I was taken back in time, a short trip but a rosy glow one) xPenx

    1. That’s an interesting premise and they do take control, these characters. They call the shots and now you have me wondering if they are our ballast or are we theirs?

  2. your words seem to be whispering as you walk through the corridors of your mind..
    a haunting echo comes from the words you penned ..
    a photo to remember, a book to balance out the distance between
    now and then..not sure why it felt that way…
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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