Finding myself reluctant to leave I wander again and again through the house. I have abandoned my holdall and I don’t know where I set it down. And although it now seems doubtful I will take anything from here I begin to search for it. Moving methodically from room to room I look almost everywhere, on top of this and behind that but I can’t find it. Making my way round again I shift the furniture and lift and pull back the rugs but it isn’t there. In the bedroom I open all the drawers and fling out my clothes. In the kitchen I take everything out of the cupboards, all the packets and the cans, all the pots and the pans and I place them on top of the work surfaces. I stand back, taking it all in, what I have done and it doesn’t feel like enough. I feel driven to remove everything from the walls and I begin in here. There is just the clock and a calendar. In the lounge I pile all the picture frames in the centre, an ungainly column, and I kick and watch it topple. In the hallway, heading for the stairs, I spot the holdall, it is sitting on the mat by the door, and I unzip it and peer inside.



11 thoughts on “GHOST LETTER 10

  1. I truly enjoy your writing style. Such a non-Zen moment, the energy captured in your words, amazing. I was feeling a bit frantic while you searched for the holdall, and oddly not entirely relieved when it was found. Thank you for sharing a wonderful post!


  2. Once again an excellent piece of writing, Mark. For me this ‘chapter’ acts as an extended metaphor: your lead searching deserately for something that he feels he has lost. Whether he really has lost sight of himself, or whether he discovers nothing remain questions for the reader to ponder. I look forward to your next ‘instalment’!

    1. Yes, know what you mean. When I am strung out/stressed I can manage to lose something in the most confined of spaces and then frustration builds and builds. Regards Mark.

  3. “When I am strung out/stressed I can manage to lose something in the most confined of spaces and then frustration builds and builds” – yes, yes! Is it just us (inc Martha) or is it modern life? Interesting piece. Enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Glad you could relate and thank you for visiting. Pleased to have found your site – can feel the enthusiasm. Regards Mark.

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