13 thoughts on “BUDDY

  1. A full story encapsulated in sequential art using words and images. It doesn’t get any better than this!
    It makes me want to know who “Buddy” really is and what else he does with his time. Amazing how we look through the Buddies of the world. We don’t even notice them there.
    Lovely work Chris and Mark. You both have a terrific ability to highlight the details that most of us simply gloss over. Well done!

    1. Thanks Pam. We really do appreciate yours and Tony’s comments because you are both old hands at the game and this is the beginning for us so any advice and recommendations are much appreciated. Regards Mark and Chris.

  2. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the work of Eddie Campbell but for some reason this reminds me of something he would produce. I love the stories and moments that you both choose to focus on, and I’ve got a feeling that there’s more to come. I hope you keep this going!

    1. Checked out Eddie Campbell – looks interesting – feel a purchase coming on. Thank you for your support – we are currently looking at Will Eisner’s text books but any suggestions from you would be excellent. Kind regards Mark and Chris

      1. Honestly, you couldn’t do much better than Eisner. He was a master of the craft. Beyond that, I would simply be reading as many different comics titles as time and money can afford. Love and Rockets by the Hernandez Bros. is amazing stuff, as is anything by Adrian Tomine. Also, Osamu Tezuka’s graphic novel series Adolf is fantastic, as are Tove Jansson’s Moomin comic strips. Those are just some of my personal favourites!

    2. I have Gilbert Hernandez’s Julio’s Day which I think is a great work and I will definitely check out Love and Rockets and all your other recommendations. Thanks so much Tony – best wishes Mark and Chris

      1. I do have a couple of Eisner’s books and his stuff is masterful. But I hadn’t heard of the other one’s Tony. My credit card is warming up and Amazon is so happy I have new friends.
        I guess my favorite graphic novel to date is Stitches by David Small. Harvey Pekar comics are terrific too.

  3. You’re very welcome, guys. I’ve never read Stitches, so that’s something I’m going to hunt down. I’ve sampled some of Harvey Pekar’s stuff over the years, and it was terrific (I also loved the movie American Splendor that was made about him with Paul Giamatti in the main role). Juilo’s Day is another title I have on my to acquire list. The Hernandez Bros. are SO prolific!

    1. Chris and I both got into Pekar’s strips after we saw the film – it was so well executed with sublime acting. Ernest is back and we are happy about it in this house! By the way, thanks for the recommendations from you and Pam. There is a thriving comics’ scene in the UK but the Superheroes tend to dominate overall so your suggestions are vital!

      1. The superheroes tend to dominate here as well, unfortunately. I have nothing against them but they’re just not my cup of tea. It also means that you’re forced to search even harder for anything that doesn’t fit within that mould. Any time someone hears that I do comics, their eyes light up and they say, “What superhero do you do?” How their enthusiasm is dashed when I say, “Erm, none of them.” 😛

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