23 thoughts on “MASTERPIECES

    1. Thanks so much Miranda – we are learning the craft as we go along so your comment is really encouraging. Regards Mark and Chris

  1. As ever a great piece of story telling, Mark, and wonderfully illustrated. This made me smile in an almost sentimental way (well, I know what I mean!). I am really enjoying your collaborations – thanks to both of you. Take care, Chris.

    1. Thanks Chris. We are both a little sentimental about this one and so it is a lovely thing to say. By the way, I enjoyed your story “Postcards” and am still thinking about it. Kind regards Mark.

  2. I’m digging this slice of life approach to your comics, guys. One would say it’s almost genteel except there’s nothing affected about it at all. It’s very honest and real, and heartwarming dare I say?

    1. Hi Tony – you are spot on – this did occur when I was working as a Social Worker and Donald was one of my ‘clients’. He was a lovely person and thanks to Mark’s excellent memory we now have a comic strip to celebrate Donald’s philosophy. Not his driving tho’ which was LETHAL. Thank you regards Chris.

  3. I love that comment about leaving a tip in the restaurant of life. I relate to that.
    And the thought balloon about Christine being embarrassed is a wonderful view into the narrators point of view.
    Lovely on many levels- relationship, aging, creativity and more.
    I give this a double WOW! Love it!

    1. Happy Birthday Pam! We hope you have had a splendid day. Thank you for your lovely comments. You will see from our response to Tony that this did happen. Donald was like sunshine. Have a lovely day (time zone throwing me a bit!) love Chris ‘n’ Mark

      1. Thank you both for the birthday wishes! I’ve been having a wonderful day. The time zone throws me too. I was just thinking today how terrific it is to have friends (even if only cyber friends) on several other continents. I feel blessed.
        In another time, Chris, I was a psychiatric nurse. I usually hung out with the social workers- they laughed the loudest. 🙂

      2. Haha Tony! Yep- it’s today here but was yesterday there where you are. I don’t have it on my Facebook feed so no reason why you should know. Thank you young man!

      1. It had it’s moments. I’m glad I had the experience. On very rare occasions, I miss it.
        I always find it interesting when I connect up online with folks who have similar backgrounds. It’s comforting somehow. 🙂
        Hope you have a great weekend.

      2. I know what you mean – I rarely met anyone I could not like, although there were some, and I loved talking to them about them – Donald was one such. He always wore a (grubby) silk cravat and velvet jacket and adored ‘ladies’. He was not lecherous in anyway just a man who believed aIl women are special. Mind you, bet he seduced a lot with that line when he was a bit younger! You have a great weekend too 😉

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment – it really means a lot to us. Regards Mark and Chris.

    1. You are too kind but glad that you are finding something in them to enjoy or ponder over. Best wishes Chris and Mark.

  4. Hi guys…. just a query here….I’m doing the Blog Tour and I wondered if the two of you would be interested? I wanted to ask before I posted. Actually, if you are up for it, it would be for you both together in this new venture, and also for your fiction Mark. So two “nominations”. Of course I understand if you are busy or have other reservations….but please, please?

    1. We don’t know what a blog tour is but would be pleased to be a part of it? Thank you for thinking of us and what do we need to do? Regards Mark and Chris.

      1. Oh great!… It isn’t an award thing. I think it’s to get to know each other as writers, artists or whatever you do on your blog. 4 questions to answer about what, why, how and what’s next. It took me a step back a bit to answer the questions myself. I don’t usually reflect on something I’m right in the middle of. And then you pass it on to a few other bloggers. I’ll post in the next couple of days with more details and you can decide then if it’s something you can get into. Thanks for even considering it…You guys are so unique. I love what you do and can’t help but be curious about how you work.

      2. In response to your last sentence – we argue a lot! No, joking, although it can get a bit strained…delighted to be a part of this and eagerly await further info. Thank you Jana best wishes Chris and Mark

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