12 thoughts on “MADE OF SAND

  1. From the moment that poor man is tripped up, you know things aren’t going to end well. Chris, your drawings effectively convey the horror of this. Mark, you have a deft touch with your words. It’s clear to me that you both have a clear grasp of how words and pictures complement one other in telling a story. Excellent work!

    1. There’s none so blind as they who cannot see the humanity beneath. Thanks for commenting Tony, regards Chris and him.

  2. The guy with the LOVE tattoo is the one I watched throughout the story. He was the most conflicted character- but got his conscious too late.
    I guess anyone capable of performing such senseless violence must be capable of objectifying their victims into just sacks.
    The saddest part of this story is the truth in it.

    Great job guys! Well done!

    1. Impotent rage will always be wreaked upon the most vulnerable. It is sad that so many follow the worst of leaders. Thanks Pam. On a happier note looking out for the two- parter!

  3. This makes a really powerful statement, I think, not only about the brutal and animalistic nature of humanity, but also its fear of the unknown and different. As good as a protracted sci-fi story about an alien visiting Earth. Well done both!

    1. To be seen and not recognised as a fellow traveller is the worst we can experience and we are glad you feel we portrayed it accurately. Thank you so much for commenting. Regards Chris and Mark.

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