Turning, I catch sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. I lean in close. I haven’t shaved in more than a week and I realise that if I do so now it will be for the last time.
I fill the basin with water and apply the foam but I am still undecided and when I do begin it is much too quickly. Recklessly I pull the razor across my face, cutting swathes in the foam. Barely pausing after each swipe to wash the razor I drag it, forcing it through my beard again and again.
When I am finished my face is red and raw and with a handful of toilet tissue I mop at the blood. Again I lean in close and study myself and there I am, a bit worse for wear but otherwise unchanged.
The bleeding will of course eventually stop and the stinging, the terrible burning, well it won’t last forever. But what about all the little nicks and cuts, I wonder, will they heal or will they remain? Will I now appear like this – my face bloodless and weathered, the skin ripped and torn?
I pour aftershave onto both hands and, steadying myself, I slap them against my face. I yell out in pain. It is worse than I had imagined, much, much worse. Hopping in front of the mirror I persevere, rubbing the lotion into my skin. But the bleeding won’t stop and grabbing a fresh handful of tissue, I begin to mop again.


10 thoughts on “GHOST LETTER 12

  1. You set this story off with an ominous tone, one that grows chilling as the tale progresses. Great writing in such a short amount of space.

    1. My writing is minimalist at the best of times but do make conscious effort to make these particular posts sparse. I am glad you feel it works and thanks Miranda.

    1. Thanks Pam – I can always rely on Chris to find a photo to fit my writing and am pleased you feel they work together. Regards Mark.

  2. A powerful piece, Mark, in which your character appears to be searching for some form of redemption, or at least solace. I love the realisation that creeps in that changing the appearance does not change the man.
    Fabulous writing – I really appreciate your work!

    1. I am so happy that you still enjoy my writing and your words are a great encouragement and mean a lot. Thanks Chris, regards Mark.

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