14 thoughts on “FORCEPS

  1. This is quite sad, and even more so with the cheeriness of the narrator’s memories at the end of the story, as opposed to the beginning.

    1. Thanks Miranda. The strips often have at least an essence of autobiography and this one in particular. Very glad you like it.

    1. High praise indeed. Thank you so much Tony. Still chuckling over Ernest and his ‘dreams’. Regards Mark.

  2. I had to think about this one for awhile and now I see it is about grief. It is interesting how we can do things in our grief (like retrieve forceps) that seem odd to others. Often our behavior seems strange when we are enmeshed in strong feelings.

    The two of you are building a wonderful collection of stories well written and well drawn! I always look forward to your collaboration.

    1. When you comment on our work so positively it really helps drive us on because you have been doing it for so much longer than we have. Thanks so much Pam and farewell to the month of Pamo, so much enjoyed!

      1. Absolutely! Being encouraged and cheered on by other creators is a huge part of the process. Your and Chris’ “LIKES” and comments have been so energizing for me as well. Especially since my style is so different from the sophistication both of you carry. It means a lot to me. So Thank YOU both.

        I really do believe you two have a strong standing in the world of comics. You have a strong point of view and you both know how to tell a story. Every time I see one of your comics post… I rush over! That’s how good these are.
        Between you guys and Tony Single and others- I am excited weekly, daily, hourly! 🙂 Well- I think you know what I mean.

  3. Yes Pam, I know exactly what you mean and thank you so much, Mark.
    Hi Pam – you are so lovely and your enthusiasm is much treasured. We very much admire your work and its sly intelligence and wit. And your characters’ expressions are priceless! Nice to know you get excited so frequently……?..?Chris xx

    1. The comic strips allow us to explore a different approach to working and when you, and others, ‘get’ it we are encouraged to continue to offer it up. Thanks Chris from the Renney’s

    1. We are trying to be disciplined with the comic strips and convey as much as possible in a streamlined way. Mark still has lots of ideas and I am happy to keep drawing! Thanks so much, regards Chris ( and of course Mark).

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