This post is inspired by our good friend J.H.White at  Jana has a wonderfully delicate touch but her words cast long and meaningful shadows.


10 thoughts on “INSPIRATION 1

  1. Love it! Can’t you just feel the pungent night air as we all sit on the crumbling terrace. The moon’s a crescent. We’re all yawning pleasantly from the wine…the fireflies have just come out…someone starts clapping a rhythm… the next story spins out into the air … we all know someone will catch it

    1. Jana weaves a web of words that we are all part of Chris and indeed it is a wonderful place to visit and linger in.

    1. Happy this got you in the heart Pam. Take a look at Jana’s blog and delve into the archives. I do not think you will be disappointed. Chris says thank so much for sock knocking comment!

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