Making for the front door, I kick aside the holdall and step out. I haven’t taken anything and after all the searching I feel as if I have failed. I needed so badly to want something but I couldn’t find it and now I have just the clothes I am wearing; jeans and a sweatshirt and the trainers on my feet. And my keys, suddenly, I am aware of the bunch of keys in my pocket, digging into my leg.
I must have grabbed them from on top of the desk in the hallway, a reflex, habit. I fish them from my pocket and I turn and unlock the door.
Back inside I am compelled to search again. Try one last time to find the something I might want or need. A totem that I can take.
I slam the keys down on top of the desk and pulling away I see my car key. I lift the bunch and separate it from the others. I let them drop and as they clatter onto the floor I turn back toward the door. Outside again I pull it to but this time leave it ajar.


6 thoughts on “GHOST LETTER 13

  1. A powerful image, Mark, of someone, I feel, who is searching the Material for something more ‘spiritual’ (for want of a better word). As always you have created a detailed scene without fuss for your reader to fall into.

    1. ‘…..created a detailed scene without fuss for your reader to fall in to.” I like that Chris – I may well put it on a postit and stick it up above my desk. Thank you!

      1. I think that this is a genuine skill that you have, Mark – to be able to create a scene within the gaps of a story is something that I both admire and enjoy.
        Best wishes, Cgris.

    1. The Ghost Letters based in the house have a common thread of searching and failing to find something important to the character, important perhaps not for what it is but what it represents. I hope you continue to find them interesting.

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