6 thoughts on “TRUNK

  1. A deep sense of nostalgia here, with that painful yearning for the past that seems to stay with us. I love the phrase “spitting out intentions.”

  2. Wow guys- you both just keep pumping out this fantastic comic collaboration!
    Chris- your drawings are wonderful and I love the stitch detail in the borders. Very creative!
    The words are fantastic- Mark- you always manage to convey so much with so little.
    Once again- I’m blown away!!!!! Chris- are you drawing every minute you can cause it certainly looks so. Wonderful.

    1. What can we say except a big THANK YOU for this lovely comment. Mark pushes me with his words as they are not always easy for me to visualise although he has a clear picture in his head most times, although if I can improve on his vision he lets me run with it. No, I do not draw all the time – this strip was between cooking the dinner and eating it! Take care Pam – yours tomorrows!

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