12 thoughts on “REFUGE

  1. The words and illustrations are so gripping and powerful. I love how this story ended, with the woman finding her freedom from an abusive relationship.

    1. Those within such relationships may sometimes break the shackles by themselves, and perhaps she has left before only to return, but not this time. Thank you so much, regards Chris and Mark.

  2. Thanks Mark and Chris for continuing the story, really….it ends on the doormat too often. Just the other night a man was having it out on the street with his partner. I was out for a walk with a friend. One car stopped, had words, then moved on. I stood there and wouldn’t move so he could see someone was witnessing his drama.There wasn’t anything else I could do. He wasn’t hitting her…yet. She had her arms wrapped around her body wincing and twitching at his words as they walked. Sigh….I guess I needed some movement in any other direction, Mark, when I read your last post. You guys are great taking this on. This is a big issue. A familiar one. Your illustrations are incredible Chris. The expressions on her face are so real…
    Good on you both….xxoo

    1. Your bearing witness and being prepared to show solidarity is vital for those weakened by abusive relationships. It is not for us to wonder why they stay but to be there when they feel able to leave. Mark and I finished this strip before he had completed ‘Trophies’ but it was always our intention to post them in the order they appear. So appreciative of your support and comments, kind regards Chris and Mark.

    1. Oh thanks Pam. I really enjoyed illustrating this strip and hope it shows. Lots of hugs Chris and him.

  3. You both should be proud of what you’re achieving with these comics of yours. Each one just gets better than the last, and the subjects you’re tackling are so painful and so real. Your approach is sensitive, nuanced, and beautifully raw. I’m running out of adjectives, so I’ll stop there. Just keep it up, okay? I want to read more. 🙂

  4. This a difficult subject to tackle whilst retaining the right tone – but you have succeeded it. I like the ambiguity surrounding how she achieved her freedom, but the message is clear. An(other) excellent piece! Well done, both!

    1. Mark has just said how the abused so often have to leave everything behind except their dignity when seeking refuge and it is true. How she slipped the chain we may only speculate upon but we are glad she did. Thanks Chris, regards Chris and Mark.

    1. Thank you so much Diahann. There are always possibilities for us to throw away the yoke that abuse creates but society needs to see and act to offer sanctity and hope. Regards Chris and Mark.

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