Sign of the Times-200
I am about to settle in yet another doorway, to turn and sit and watch the passers-by. But I hesitate. Others have lingered here. There are empty beer cans at my feet and fast-food wrappers and there is writing on the doors. Somebody has set to work with a black marker, covering them from top to bottom. But I can’t read this text, not from where I am standing. I edge closer and find that it is the work of not one but of many hands. A collection of missives and declarations and these have been added to and added to until lost. Engulfed by this dense and unfathomable block of words, of letters, I move closer still. I want to know what it is and what it was.

9 thoughts on “GHOST LETTER 15

    1. Thank you so much Pam. Yes, it is Chris’s drawing – if you look very carefully, she has signed it. Regards from both of us.

    1. I am really pleased that you agree with the premise that the discarded may have something to offer us. Thanks Diahann and regards, Mark.

  1. I really the the conflict here between not wanting to be in a place previously occupied by others and needing to see/ understand what they have left behind. You paint a vivid scene here, Mark, in a few carefully chosen words.

    1. Thank you so much. Must just say that your writing reminds me a little of Rebecca Solnit, as you seem to share the same interests and therefore themes. I do enjoy reading your work. Regards Mark.

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