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14 thoughts on “ON AN EPIC SCALE

  1. Beautiful drawings Chris. Well paced story Mark.
    The story is so sad and so predictable. Each partner mired in this unhealthy relationship, afraid and angry, hurting one another because it’s the only feeling left. Feels like no way back.

  2. Mark and Chris, I don’t know if you’ve ever read one of Eddie Campbell’s works, but if not then I absolutely encourage you to do so. I’m serious. There’s a graphic novel called The Playwright by Eddie Campbell and Daren White, and this strip reminds me of scenes from that. I am really very impressed with this. It’s so sad. It’s so true. It’s painfully real and yet so creatively conveyed.

    1. Thanks Tony, yes after your previous recommendation I checked him out and bought Alec, The Years Have Pants, which I thought was extraordinary. Don’t know The Playwright but will track it down. And thank you for such a positive viewpoint on our efforts. Regards Mark and Chris.

  3. Excellently written (and drawn) both. To me this reads like solid relationship where each partner wants the other to fulfil the potential that they can see. How often are we our own worst enemies?

    1. Interesting that you see the slightly more positive aspects of their relationship and so happy to have your comment on here. Regards Mark and Chris.

    1. We very much value your comment as we are at the beginning of illustrating our narrative works. We now have a blog at THE BROKEDOWN COMIC – your feedback, when you have time, would be appreciated. Thank you Chris and Mark.

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