Sign of the Times-


11 thoughts on “THE FISH

  1. I think that I like this, but the theme, and indeed the metaphor, are a little disconcerting. Makes me wonder for how long we must swim against the tide before we atttain ‘freedom’. A thought-provoking post.

  2. Lovely drawings and tale telling. I dated someone once who would take me fly fishing and I couldn’t figure out the fascination with “catch and release” – years later, I am much more appreciative of the saving of these lives. The one time I managed to catch one it didn’t go so well for the fishy, unfortunately.

    1. Fishing is a cruel sport I now believe and ‘catch and release’ is not a good enough reason. I have only recently started drawing – after working on the comic strips with Christine I felt the need to try it myself – thanks for the encouragement. Regards Mark.

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