Sign of the Times-0103 Image by Christine Renney

He couldn’t walk any longer
On the verge and so
He stepped out onto
The road
Its surface like rapid water
And he began to sink
But joining with the others
In the ungainly procession
He quickly learned how and
Stopped reaching


14 thoughts on “PROSE ROAD PR7

    1. The pressure to conform seems to be emerging as a theme in my writing at the moment. Thank you for such an insightful comment Chris. By the way and hopefully not too intrusive, do you teach and if so what subject(s)? Regards Mark.

      1. Funny, sometimes, how themes do seem to invade our thoughts! Yes, I do teach – I work in a primary school in Dudley, so it’s a bit of ‘Jack of all trades’. At college my subject was English (don’t know whether this comes across!) But, apart from when I’m on ‘crowd-control’, it’s great to be able to follow other areas of interest. Anyway, enough about me! Your asking is no imposition – provided you keep on coming up with such fine writing! My best to you both. Chris.

  1. This feels like the protagonist has compromised himself in order to fit in. (Or this is merely what I’m bringing to the piece, and it’s about something else entirely.) 🙂

    1. You are right Tony. Our world is trying to squeeze out the differences and this is influencing my writing. Thanks for commenting, Mark.

  2. Mark, I’m always in awe of your writing and your writing style. This is marvelous! Everything has a very black and white feel to it. A late 50’s early ’60 and I do mean this in such a good way! Your words here remind me of a desperate “He” trying to reach and grasp at anything to keep him from going under, yet he finally succumbs to the inevitable, thus joining all the others before him. This is just my read. Wow, gives me the chills. Really terrific!


      1. I did not have a particular era in mind and it intrigues me that both you and Pepperanne get the same feel. Perhaps there is a noirish element to the series although it may be more of the Cold War seeping in for you? Thanks for taking the time to comment. – always appreciated. Regards Mark.

      2. Yes, perhaps it is an element of Cold War feeling — I’m too young for the height of the Cold War, but was right there as an impressionable kid for its last surge of intensity — that’s seeping into the poem.

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