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12 thoughts on “THE DEAD WRITERS

  1. In many ways this is quite a metaphysical cartoon, if such a thing exists. Of course, our influences always remain with us, and even in their presence the physical cannot touch us as deeply as the emotional. I hope that comes across ok! Great work, I enjoyed thinking this one over.

    1. Wonderful compliment Chris and thank you. Since we started on these comic strips we have been vacuuming up lots of graphic novels and your comment is actually very valid. There is so much great work out there of great depth. Many thanks regards Mark and Chris.

    1. We love Maupassant as well and we did make this pilgrimage to his grave, which was difficult to find but find it we did, and it was very moving. Thank you for visiting – kind regards Mark and Chris.

  2. I understand that sort of relationship with writers, although there’s none important to me that have physical relics near enough for me to notice. I have to stick with the books or occasionally places I connect with reading them.

  3. We always have a few reasons as to why we are visiting places and our trip to Paris was always going to include Montparnasse Cemetery as some where to go. But I know just what you mean about connecting with a particular place when reading certain books. Thanks for commenting, regards Mark and Chris.

  4. Love the visual and the idea of visiting dead writers. In LA there is a cemetery- Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, Dean Martin… the list goes on… different, I know-but your post makes me think of wanting to pay homage to the source even after life.

  5. Oh, we feel you should go and say hello. A peaceful way of reaching out to the past that we know but don’t know. Regards Mark and Chris.

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