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12 thoughts on “SAFETY NET

      1. I was talking about Ebooks and how they save place as they are not material, once published it is easy to go back to them… It is even easier to be published nowadays with Amazon and all. You don´t need to be Bukowski who even had troubles to get an editor!… It was a collateral thought; I guess…. Best wishes. Aquileana 😀

  1. Ah yeah, now I understand. For Bukowski it was all about books and magazines missing, as he did, the digital revolution but after all those years, and despite his assertion that he only wrote for himself, he wanted some recognition as to the worth of his work. John Martin was such a champion of his work publishing him in The Black Sparrow press. But the books themselves are beautiful, un-breakable and will outlast us and Bukowski ended his days knowing his work was reaching people and was saved. The digital opportunity also means the world may be so overcome by the mediocre the real voices could be buried. Thanks for coming back to me on this. Regards Mark.

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