Sign of the Times-0805 Image by Christine Renney

I am attempting to forge a route that takes in all of my haunts, all the places where I have taken shelter after dark. The doorways where I have pushed back and stretched out and where I have slept. But there are too many and as I move between them, making my way back and forth, I feel disoriented and this sudden compulsion is now pulling me from the Centre or at least from the part of the City I have accepted as the Centre. A place where I have loitered and lingered, but my reluctance to leave it seems to have deserted me and I am now fleeing but to where?
I am pushing against the City and it is dense and difficult to navigate. I look because I must but I can’t focus and I can’t see my way through. The idea of a Centre here, that it could exist, is inconceivable and yet I had conceived of just such a notion and somehow I had found my way. But how?
It must have been slow, my descent. So gradual that the progress I made had been all but impossible to detect



  1. Carl D'Agostino

    ” A place where I have loitered and lingered, but my reluctance to leave it seems to have deserted me …”

    Led such a life style in younger decades of my life . Different city and streets with probable same twists and turns. I am glad it’s over – had enough adventure for several lifetimes and am quite content in my fairly reclusive elder years.

    • markrenney1

      Thank you Carl and I wish you all the best. Keep up the great work I’m really enjoying your cartoons.

  2. chrisnelson61

    I love the idea of ‘pushing against the citu’ which worls on several levels. Also the notiom that we leave some trace of ourselves – or at least would wish to – and yet cannot even find it when we look, is sobering. As ever a great piece of writing, Mark, which challenges the reader to look inwards.

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