Sign of the Times-Sign of the Times-0001



  1. chrisnelson61

    Wonderful stuff – but the question remains, where did they go? Strange and intriguing creatures, but the ability to disappear completely has to be their finest attribute!

    • markrenney1

      Well we know what attracted them – grotty plumbing – but where they went remains a mystery……

    • markrenney1

      Good to know the little horrors brought a smile to your face or was it Christine’s disparaging remark?

  2. diahannreyes

    Lol… this could be a conversation had in my household with my partners. No silverfish, of course… although something did eat the pot of succulence in our backyard.

  3. Carl D'Agostino

    Some people get mad at me for saying “I don’t know” all the time. Well why don’t they just stop asking me stupid questions ? How in the Sam Hill am I to know? By the way , I heard the silverfish are at the Silver Dollar Saloon .

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