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12 thoughts on “HAIRCUT

  1. I know exactly how you feel, Mark: I’m fine with greetings and goobyes, but the chat inbetween is always forced and awkward. And yes, we do blow these things up rediculously, but will continue to do so. A witty and accurate strip!

  2. Gone are the days when you would head on down to Earl’s barbershop. Play a game of checkers or two while waiting. Sometimes did not visit for haircut but to get in on the poker game in the back room. Have a snort of whiskey or two if so inclined. Then on the way home put in your order at United Feed & Seed. The telegraph office was just across the street and you could send a quick hello for 75 cents to a friend back east. Yes, a trip to the barbershop was a day well spent.

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