Sign of the Times-0351


10 thoughts on “TYPEWRITTEN POEM 18

  1. Mark, amazing what your words convey here in #18, and where they take my mind. For me, this goes beyond the action of intentional thought, and as the mind becomes so still, quiet, and clear, itโ€™s as if all thought disappears completely, and for the briefest of moments you can allow yourself to be caught up in the act of just being. Really terrific writing, and very thought provoking!

    1. From a poet of your stature this is a great compliment. I sometimes think these Typewritten poems are lines that have escaped from my stories so I am happy you see such depth here. I owe a lot to Blake and a little to Dylan.

  2. I’ve had to come back to this in order say anything coherent about it. I find that Chris and Pepper have already said roughly what I was intending to… only more eloquently than I would have.

    It strikes me that dry sand can possess a rather coarse texture which would announce itself to the touch more obviously than a finer grain. So, yes, there’s a quiet complexity to be sure, yet in its own way it’s still quite “loud”.

    What the hell did I just say? I have no idea. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Perhaps it is not a moment of quiet contemplation and yes, perhaps there is something more complicated going on. Thanks Tony for an as ever astute reading.

  3. How does the dry sand stick to his fingers? Dry sand from the beach on the feet of children and grandchildren immediately sticks on the seats and to the carpet in the car.

  4. Thanks Carl – I imagine it as him scooping the sand and letting it run through his fingers. As for children – well, everything sticks to them!

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