SCRUBLAND (Allergic to E Challenge)

Sign of the Times-0484

Image by Christine Renney

I am drawn to scrubland
That is, a part of it
This vast urban sprawl

Grass on a bank
Still wild, still long

But it is a cut-through
Back of a block
A row of shops

Birds in a coop
That can’t fly
But who will ask why
And who will ask how

Not a woman short and scary
Full to brimming
And croaking loudly

Not a girl bright but hollow
moving away in a tiny arc

Thanks to Pepperanne at Field of Thorns for inviting me to participate in this challenge – please seek out her site and you will be rewarded. I would like to extend the challenge to all and any who would like to have a go. Rules are as follows:

i) Write a whole paragraph, poem or whatever you like without using any words containing the letter ‘e’
ii) Have fun, because I did
iii) It is open house


16 thoughts on “SCRUBLAND (Allergic to E Challenge)

  1. Impressive stuff, Mark. Difficult to limit yourself to words without an ‘e’ – this sounds vaguely like a drug reference I realise – but I think you have created a strong image.

    1. These sorts of challenge can be enlightening. I’d had a bit where I was trying to write descriptions of things without using “to be” or its variants. To an extent, that’s enlightening, and it can make a description more dynamic. But it’s got limits and I can’t recommend it as a general rule.

      1. The challenges are, of course, restrictive but they are a good exercise for the brain.

      2. Certainly. It’s mostly for exercise. Occasionally it opens up an avenue one might not have tried before and it can be put into the stock of tricks.

  2. Mark, you are dependable in a very good way, there is a guarantee that your writing will always be superb. “SCRUBLAND” (great title by the way) is truly amazing, your written voice, the one that I have come to know and expect is here, shining through, the only thing missing, the “E”. I love the 4th stanza, and the questions that you pose. Terrific poem! Thank you for taking the challenge, it’s such a pleasure to read your work!

    Warm wishes,

    Please let Christine know that the image is wonderful!

    1. Ja your words about my photo much good – yeah, that is why I do not attempt to write! Thank for your lovely comment – Christine xxx

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