Sign of the Times-1070

Image by Christine Renney

I have not lain
On my back
In the grass
Not in the middle
Of a field
Not a meadow
Not even a park

I have not gazed
Up at the sky
Bright and blue
Too blue
Too bright
Too blinding

And I have not
Gazing up until
It was dark

And if I were
To say it
To write that
It would be a lie

8 thoughts on “A LIE

  1. Mark, brilliant, beautifully written! Wow, to be reminded of the simplest of pleasures, yet to deny the body and mind of these things, gives rise to much thought and speculation. I like the way the mood and tone is carried throughout the entire piece. Sad, yet the narrator is painfully aware of not partaking in these activities, for me this creates such a sense of isolation.

    Take care,

    Another great imagine by Christine!

  2. I have never done these things. I want to go out and do that right now. Hm. Nah. Not really. I’ll just sit here in comfort and read more blogs instead. (Nice write!) 😛

    PS: By the way, I’ve read your script. I’m definitely drawing that! (Thank you!) 😀

    1. Yeah I think I should and then I don’t so with you there.
      I am really pleased you feel you can work with the script. Any suggestions you have will be welcome. Regards Mark.

  3. Mark, a very, very good poem…the correct hint of nostalgia, loss and regret and a beautiful pace and structure. An incredible photo too, although I would expect no less, considering your source. 🙂

    1. Thank you John. Your comment means much to me . And yes I am so lucky to have Christine and her camera close at hand. Regards Mark.

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