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  1. chrisnelson61

    I like the way you have presented this, Mark: I can see a series here – ‘philosophy explained’! If only this would have the desired social and economic effect. Still, where there’s a will…

    • markrenney2

      Our brains grow ideas, like mushrooms, in the damp and dark of our skulls….and thanks Tony – keep on coming back!

  2. scottishmomus

    Think I’ll write this on the whiteboard tomorrow in school. It’ll tie in nicely with numeracy and social awareness! And should spark a bit of debate. I love simplicity and how complex it can be.

    • markrenney2

      Right is always simple – complexity in social and political arenas is all fog and mirrors designed to throw us off the scent. Thank you, Ann-Marie, for creating a room of socially engaged young people in my head.

      • scottishmomus

        Kids get that simplicity so well. Truth is truth and fair is fair. I’ve been running a series of debates with my class (10 year olds) on social issues and I’m staggered at the level of personal research they’ve put in and the way they’ve engaged in discussion and managing the debate. ( I try to keep out of it to let them go for it). It’s opened my eyes to, not only what they’re capable of, but the fact that they want to have a say. We could learn much from their honesty, right enough.

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