He is absconding, leaving the office for the last time and his departure couldn’t have been more dramatic. I had intended to follow, to learn more, but despite wanting to, I find myself rooted to the spot, unable to move. I don’t want to be pulled into it, to become a part of the drama. I suppose it is because that, unlike him, I have to come back.
The others are gathering in front of his desk. The desk he has turned inside out. I join them and together we gaze down at the debris; at all he has left behind and most of the items are work related. Folders, files, biros, a stapler, a phone and a couple of chargers. And there are lots of letters scattered here, there and everywhere. I notice that most of the envelopes are still sealed, that he hasn’t bothered to open them. And there is a picture frame, the glass is cracked and the photograph behind it has faded. I wonder for how long it had languished in one of the drawers, untouched until today.
I push my way forward, needing to get a proper look at it and I notice the ledger. It is big and cumbersome and I vaguely remember these books. But the information in them, all the facts and figures had been downloaded onto the computer system more than a decade ago. I reach for it. The cover is scuffed and its spine cracked.
Clearing a space I slide the ledger into the centre of the desk.
‘It’s been a while since I saw one of those,’ someone says behind me.
I open the book. It is empty. All of its pages are blank and, as I leaf through it, the others begin to talk.


Number 2--4 Illustration by Christine Renney


7 thoughts on “GHOST PROLOGUE 3

  1. There is an economy in your sentences that suggests so much yet retains a real sense of mystery. I really like the intrigue in this series that speaks as much of an inner journey as it does a mystery story. Great writing, Mark!

    1. It kind of feels like the end of the prologue or at least this narrators part in it. Thank you so much Chris for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. Very evocative Mark. In my absence I assume I missed Ghost Prologue 1 and 2 but may search for them because this one blew me away and the title is so perfect, as are the illustrations. What you so successfully accomplish in this writing I try to do in my art. A structure / story / image is shared and yet it remains open ended enough that the reader / viewer can fill in the spaces with their own story.

    1. Thanks John it really does mean a lot especially coming as it does from someone whos work I admire so much. I plan to collect the three pieces and make one post so please keep watching this space. Thanks again and regards Mark.

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