Number 2-0458

The road discards everything
And quickly
This he has learnt
It is the one true thing
That he can take
When he leaves

Image by Mark Renney


9 thoughts on “PROSE ROAD PR11

  1. A return to the existential in many ways here, Mark. What does happen to the past once we have left it (or indeed it has left us)? Does it cease to exist? Or do we? You’ve set me off now! Fine writing.

    1. It ceases to exist and our memory of it is already tainted. The past is a foreign country, so I am told, where they do things differently… have now set another seed for me, Chris. See you in the future now.

  2. The idea of living purely in the now is overwhelmingly attractive, no hang ups, a clean slate every millisecond. I suppose that is the pull of the road but of course most of us have to return to the then and now.

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