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The Brokedown Comic

I don’t know if many of you are aware but I do have a site dedicated to comics, namely ‘The Brokedown Comic’. If you are interested please click on the above link.


9 thoughts on “HAWORTH GIRLS

    1. Ah so glad you enjoyed it and thanks Diahann for clicking on the comic site. Regards Mark and Christine.

    1. Well funnily enough we had thought that, were they around today, the Brontes would have embraced the blogosphere totally and what a perfect platform it would have been for their wonderful imaginations. So pleased you think the same. Regards Mark and Christine.

  1. This is exactly the kind of conversation I hear on the bus or when I’m out and about all the time. You’ve captured this perfectly, guys. You truly are progressing in leaps and bounds!
    (PS: I’m working on a certain something right now.) 😉

    1. Aah thanks Tony. Writing for comics certainly does force you to work on dialogue skills and your opinion is causing us to smile broadly! Very excited about the second part of your comment. We are going quiet for a week as we are away at a film festival but catch up when we’re back. Take care regards Mark and her.

    1. Again, we are both delighted that you have enjoyed this little sojourn to the Parsonage and thank you for saying so. Regards Mark and Christine.

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