Chris R-0795 Image by Christine Renney

As I walk I am reassured by the line of traffic on my right – by its constancy – but I don’t look directly at it. Instead, I focus on the road ahead and it is just a blur and harmless, a childish scrawl of smudged crayon.
I have become fascinated by the things found alongside the road; fast food cartons and cans of course but also other discarded items. Perhaps objects would be a better description or even artefacts. Most are useless and many are unrecognisable – pieces from puzzles in hard plastic and now not so shiny metal.
Carrion, this is how I refer to the debris. In my head it is always ‘the carrion’, probably because the birds, the crows, swoop down to peck at it. But it isn’t.
Up ahead I spot a blown out tyre and I step from the grass bank, onto the hard shoulder. It is shredded and ripped but otherwise complete. I stop and kick at it. At least I know what this is and where it came from.

7 thoughts on “GHOST LETTER 26

  1. I wish it were really ‘carrion’ because then it would all be digested and disappeared by the animals and birds. Instead, in its plastic stubbornness, it will still exist when my great grandchildren walk these streets. I try to be interested in the social political aspects of garbage, or, as an artist, its creative potential. Instead the perhaps romantic in me longs for muddy lanes, forests, rocky outcrops, distant beaches, far from the scream and whoosh of traffic and the garbage, everywhere…
    Thank you for this well made piece Mark, got me thinking and feeling again about consumer detritus.
    Christine, strong shot..claustrophobic suburbia?

  2. my wife and daughter
    garter snakes
    along the trail yesterday
    today I walked
    a teenage boy
    walking to smoke weed
    with friends

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