Chris R-0978 Image by Christine Renney

He is invested in the sermon but his words are not escaping so easily, each one an effort, a hard and misshapen memory. Thin and wasted, he is almost worn away and I cannot tell if he is young or old, if the deterioration has been quick or it has taken a lifetime.

I watch his mouth moving, his hands and arms flailing and I can see clearly how disjointed it has become, this diatribe of his. I do not need to hear. This sermon is scratched. It has lost its rhythm and its momentum.


11 thoughts on “THIS SERMON

  1. I like this, Mark. To me there is a duality here: is this a man who has lost sight of his beliefs, or one who regurgitates the same lies knowing that they work without needing conviction? Nice work.

  2. A Sermon should be:
    performance art, stand up comedy,
    square dance calling, auctioneer singing,
    rap, open mike poetry reading,
    holy conjuring,
    the howl of a hungry wolf

  3. I’m a sucker for anything that explores LIES and LYING and thiis really hit home for me Mark. Superb.

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