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14 thoughts on “THE WHOLE POINT

  1. Wow…this is twisted. Chris’s pictures lead me to believe these are the protagonist’s thoughts. But then it’s the writer creating the protagonist’s story who could easily be wondering the same thing. Then thinking you may be referencing the “Ghost” series you’ve been posting for as long as I’ve been hanging around here…it could possibly just be you! Nice one, Mark…

    1. Thanks Jana. I’m really pleased that this one resonates with you. I do often feel like I’m constantly re-writing the same story. This was born out of an idea I worked on for ages before finally admitting to myself it was too similar to earlier stories.

    1. Thanks Jana. No I’m still very invested in the Ghost Letters and I always find he’s a good Character to come back to.

    1. Oh wow! Thank you. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of the existential hero but that it might be Walter or someone like him waiting in that motel room is a very chilling thought.

  2. Well, but that whole series was one endless wait for the ball to drop. It had a sort of conditioning quality, if you will. Like, precedent setting. One can’t just be existential, anymore – because, well, Walt.

    1. I agree Ruth. The best of American TV ( The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men ) has really upped the ante for modern filmmakers, novelists et al. I think the existential Everyman will still find his way in but he has to have a history now. Regards Mark.

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