Chris R-0105 Image by Christine Renney

He trawls through the city, as often as he is able. He carries the camera, although he hasn’t used it in months. It is a prop, camouflage. He lifts it to his face and, pressing his eye to the viewfinder, he gazes off to the side or up above.
He points the camera at the ground, focusing on a patch where the paving slabs are scratched and stained, resembling a map of something or somewhere. Or perhaps it is a river with many tributaries or the roots of a tree delving deep beneath the earth.
It is raining and, crouching in an abandoned doorway, he watches the passers-by, their feet pounding against the rain lashed pavement. Tilting the camera upwards, they appear as a series of frames, a film running on fast forward. And suddenly he realises that he is too close and if he were to lean forward or reach out, just a little, he could touch it.
He stands and, stumbling, he drops the camera. It clatters at his feet and he wonders if it will bounce back or make a hole.


10 thoughts on “LOOKING DOWN

  1. I really like this piece, Mark. There is a real sense of your character as an outsider caught between the desire to belong and the need not to. The camera as a bridge is an excellent metaphor.

  2. Your writing makes me realize that we define ourselves with our actions. As an outsider, you pretty much give yourself boundaries and to try and cross those lines, can result in unfortunate events. Excellent work.

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