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5 thoughts on “THE DIVIDE

  1. Ok, so, for me, this makes me wonder whether, if history and the past is ‘boxed away’, does it cease to have any relevance? Interestingly my son has been watching some tv show in which the premise involves a group who travel in time to stop others from altering the past. My pount being: if the past were altered, would we even be aware that it had?
    You’ve got me thinking with this one, Mark!

  2. For me, this is very metaphysical, Mark. Illustrating the vast separation or schism between our idea of ourselves and what we experience, or don’t and are blind to, that is not human all around us … thus laying it all wasted. This one gives me the shivers in the best subliminal way….!

    1. That’s an interesting take Jana. I was actually thinking about power and corruption but it’s good to hear that you feel it works on a more personal level. Thank you.

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