Chris R-0825-2 Image by Christine Renney

Tanner had always managed to navigate his way through life unnoticed. He became acutely aware of this when he first began his work as an Eraser. Ordinary looking and extremely reserved, even as a young man Tanner realised that this did not fully account for the uncanny ability he had for melting into the background, for making himself all but invisible.
There was something inside of him, an innate skill, a gift even, albeit one he hadn’t asked for and wasn’t sure that he wanted. He realised also that, given the line of work he had chosen, if he were to hone his skill and nurture this gift it could be very useful.

It seemed apt to Tanner that he, whose job was the disappearing of others, could move around unnoticed, was an invisible man as it were. But whenever Tanner glanced in a mirror nowadays he was shocked by what he saw. He was a little man, short and hunched, the pallor of his skin matching the grey clothes he always wore. His thinning hair was white and his face was deeply creased and lined. He was a ghoul, his was a face that featured in nightmares, that appeared toward the end, just before dawn.


10 thoughts on “THE ERASER #7

  1. I dreamed of an alternate reality the other day, then I remembered it and forgot it again, then reading this I remembered it again – but now I forgot again – I’m sure I killed a bunch of people or something! Great piece Mark!

    1. Frightening! I have just finished reading ‘The Rift’ by Nina Allan – I think you might appreciate it.

      1. Sounds interesting! I was at college with a guy who seriously stood up in front of the whole class and informed us he once saw a flying saucer! And that his dad saw it too! I thought it was absolutely insane – I shall put that book on my reading list – cheers!

      2. Ha! Thanks Ogden, let me know what you think. I thought it was very subtle and cleverly done.

  2. I finished the book tonight, so it might be a bit early to give a definitive opinion, but I enjoyed the read, something really unusual – people these days are so crazy, she pulled in so many sources in order to validate the ideas, I think it reflects how we are these days, so unsure what to believe, we will believe anything to feel Ok!

    I saw the film about Frédéric Bourdin (The Imposter) on TV the other week, or month, did you see it? Its well worth seeing! If I hadn’t ever seen that story, I’d have found “The Rift” all the more shocking! Its similar territory, minus the aliens of course!! LOL Clever book tho, a very worthy read!

    1. Yes I have seen The Imposter. It’s interesting isn’t it, how easily people can be deceived when it’s what they want to believe. I did feel that certain members of the family had their own agenda and that was quite unsettling.

      1. Yes, it sure was – it was so very peculiar the way they let him in, I wasn’t sure if it was desperation to see the long lost boy again, or some kind of feeling that fate was closing in, and that they must just tread forwards very carefully. If they knew he was dead and buried, then Bourdin’s intervention was a very strange twist of fate in and of itself! Incredible!

        I thought the boy was probably killed, and that most people in the house knew it – the elder brother or was it step father committed suicide, the way some people live, really shocking.

        I have subscribed to Nina Allan’s blog, so looking forward to reading more of her 🙂

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