Chris R-1021.jpg Image by Christine Renney

When tracking a suspect Tanner was always diligent; recording everything, scrawling it in a little notebook, all he observed and managed to over hear, no matter how mundane or insignificant it might seem. He believed the details mattered, that they were important, a part of it.

Alone in his apartment, Tanner transcribed from his notebooks, painstakingly filling journal after journal with these details. Over the years he had come to realise that a radical’s routine wasn’t so very different from his own yet he still persevered, determined not to miss out anything, however trivial.
He always included the date and the time. Time, he felt, was crucial. The time in between, the time spent at a place of employment for instance, or visiting a friend. Or simply sitting and reading a newspaper, whether it be on a park bench or in a busy cafeteria. He even made a note of what his suspects ate and, of course, where and when.

Tanner hadn’t ever witnessed one of them stepping guiltily out into the light. Caught anyone in the act, as it were, but all had been found guilty. They had been enemies of the system but Tanner hadn’t yet destroyed their journals and the minutia listed and labelled within was all that remained.

10 thoughts on “THE ERASER #8

  1. This adds a slightly new dimension, Mark – is Tanner really an agent of the state, or merely working alone? I like the connection that he has made between himself and those he tracks. Great photo too with a hint of Nosferatu about it.

    1. He is still working for the system but I think his extra curricular activities are becoming more and more important. Thank you Chris, I do so value your comments.

  2. Yes I can see what you both see. Christine took this when we were at the Southbank in London and it most assuredly not Nosferatu, quite the opposite in fact, but it fitted. Thank you John.

  3. Mark, a Kafkaesque, surreal look at surveillance, maybe I should rephrase that to read a real look at surveillance. Tanner is an interesting character, there’s a very fine line between Tanner and “enemies of the system”. After all, we’re all enemies of the system, and the devil is in the details. Thank you, a wonderful read on an overcast Monday. ~ Mia

  4. Thank you so much Mia. Any mention of Kafka makes me happy. Really glad I discovered your site, I like your writing a lot.

  5. I’ve read #7 & #8. Very intriguing. The cat and mouse has always interested me–disturbed me too. I’m particularly fond of this “..but Tanner hadn’t yet destroyed their journals and the minutia listed and labelled within was all that remained.” Elegant.

    1. Thank you. It really does mean a lot. I’m enjoying your reviews and critical analysis by the way. Regards Mark

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