Chris R-0050 Image by Christine Renney

The road signs were still standing and at first this had intrigued Davis. It didn’t make sense to him when everything else had been demolished and flattened, reduced to strewn rubble. The foundations of buildings remained but these were merely platforms of pitted concrete and rotting timbers, of faded linoleum and cracked tiles.
The names of places on the signs; the towns and cities that were now only memories. Over time Davis began to accept this irrelevance, reading and following them as he had before and lost in the distance between he would often forget.
Even the temporary signs had survived, those warning of congestion and road works. Davis followed these diversions although he could see quite clearly that there were no obstructions ahead but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter how far he walked or for how long.

2 thoughts on “THE SIGNS

  1. I like this piece, Mark, not least because it rings true: how often do we see signs that have lost their meaning. I like the idea, too, of your character still following these signs searching for some meaning or way forward.
    Tell Chris I love the photo. I spent five minutes trying to decipher it!!

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