chris r-1-55 Image by Christine Renney

Davis has a rucksack now but he hasn’t yet started to fill it. Slung across his back, its emptiness, its weightlessness, is a constant reminder that he has failed.
Davis sees others in the distance more frequently now and, like him, they seem lost, trapped here amidst the plentiful debris.
On the road he had been so filled with purpose and intent on a destination but he is all too aware this isn’t it. Davis has already walked where it began to lessen, to thin out but, turning himself around, he had made his way back here. To this vast expanse of nothing, where there is so much of everything.

7 thoughts on “HINTERLAND

  1. Whilst quite apocalyptic in tone this ‘series’ more than hints at the emptiness of modern life and the consumerist ‘ideal’ that has become the norm. Quite harrowing, really. Perhaps there is no escape for any of us. As thought- provoking as ever, Mark. Love the image too.

  2. The eternal search for meaning in a world that does its best to hide it. Love this series!

    And tell Christine from Book of Bokeh that her photography is still excellent! šŸ™‚

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