Chris R-1-147 Image by Christine Renney

I have abandoned the route and my meandering has now moved onto a new level. I am exploring a vast area that was once a thriving centre of industry but is now deserted.
I walk between the buildings and the sky above is reduced to narrow strips of grey. I am unsettled by this place and find it difficult to navigate. Whenever I reach a door, one that isn’t locked or boarded, I step inside. Or if there is a hole, and there are a lot of them, where the bricks have crumbled and fallen away, places where I can climb in or crawl through and this I now do, down on my hands and knees, pulling and kicking at the earth until I am standing on the factory floor.
At the outer edges people are holding on and still finding ways to be useful but here almost everything of value has been taken and these buildings, the factories and the warehouses, have been stripped bare and are merely husks.
I look down at the tiles beneath my feet; they are grimy but in the dusty half-light they glint and they gleam


  1. Suddenly this sounds like the discovery of a place kept hidden by the governors of a dystopian society, who control the masses with platitudes whilst hiding the crumbling reality of collapse. Excellent, Mark!

    • That’s a great comment Chris, thank you. Scarily I wonder how close we already are to what you describe.

  2. The idols of capitalism have deteriorated, yet people cling to them. Currency is good for confetti and the outhouse. And water is worth more than gold. Canada announces construction of a wall.

    • That’s a great comment Pam. Have you read America City by Chris Beckett? I think you may find it interesting. Thank you Pam.

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