Chris R-1-161 Image by Christine Renney

I have tried for so long to go unnoticed, to be unseen but I realise now that I haven’t wandered so very far from where people congregate.
I maintain a distance, yes, looking in from the outer edges as it were. But I haven’t turned my back and run away, although I could so easily do this and yet I remain here on the periphery. And there it is again, that word: PERIPHERY. It plays in my head, dominating my thoughts, a mantra – periphery, periphery – as I walk. But of course, a periphery, even one I have conjured myself must have a place, a somewhere that I can circle.


  1. I like the idea in this that the periphery of one place is actually the centre of another: no matter how hard we run, we can never actually hide. And, in a sense, don’t we all feel, at some point, that we are on the edge, and never truly belong.
    As you know, Mark, I both enjoy and admire your writing. I hope that there is much more to come.
    Love the photo, by the way!

    • Thank you Chris. Such a kind thing to say. It means a lot to me.

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