Chris R-1-175 Image by Mark Renney

The bus station has become the focus of my latest route. This place, where people congregate and prepare to leave and where they arrive, is now the centre of the trail I have forged here in the City.
I have tried not to stray too far from the station but this has proved difficult. I need thrust and momentum and my route must allow for this. It has to be big enough and wide enough and grand enough so that I can keep moving and push myself forward. But wherever I am in the City I am aware of the quickest and most direct way back to the bus terminal. I am always ready in case of an emergency but what that emergency might be I have no idea. But it feels good to have somewhere to head toward and I have tried and tested all of these tributaries, all of the shortcuts.

It is cold and wet tonight. I may perhaps linger a little and wait out the storm, but as I make my way through the terminal I realise that, yet again, I am pushing against the tide of travellers. They don’t see me and, cocooned in their heavy winter coats, heads down and hunched over their phones, they are hardly aware of each other.
Once clear I glance back but only fleetingly and there they are huddled beneath the inadequate plexiglass and I don’t stop. No, I keep going.


  1. In a way many of us feel like we are walking against the flow, so this reads effectively as a comment on individual isolation, Mark. Each ‘letter’ is a very personal observation and, whilst the thread continues, the subtleties can not be over looked: the bus station here is critical, reflecting a place which should be full.of opportunities yet is often lonely and isolated. Well observed.

    • I agree Chris. I think that whatever our circumstances we are all isolated to a certain degree and this character is certainly yearning for some sort of connection with others. There is a second part to this one that I hope to post in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your thoughts. I really do appreciate it.

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