Chris R-1-204 Image by Christine Renney

I was flicking through the TV channels the other night
A skinhead appeared on the screen
An actor in front of a black backdrop
Running on the spot
Shouting into the living room
But lonely and desperate,
Like the jagged blue ink letters
Stamped on his forehead
He was for real

Anyway, I stuck with it
The director said: I hope they gain something
They said, in their cells, it’s a laugh
Anything that got them out for a while
One bloke, he started quoting Nietzsche
Reworking his philosophy to fit his life
Prison being part of it, for him, what he did

The skinhead said he was taking the street with him
If he wasn’t here that’s where he’d be
Getting a hit, stealing a car, bricking shop windows
Acting these out could be good
I won’t be acting said the skinhead
It’s gonna be scary
Something like they’ve never seen before

(I thought about chaperoned school trips
Edinburgh and Stratford-upon-Avon
Holidays, France and Filey
The Donkey Derby)

After the first night
They were buzzing
As good as stealing a car
Better pouring it out for the people who
Listened and applauded
The Nietzsche bloke, he got onto culture shocks

(I remembered reading my own story in class at school
I thought about Warhol and his quote about fame
And then my wedding
My wife
My best man
And being his best man
I thought about the old man
And his poems
And his

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