Chris R-1-82

Image by Christine Renney

The room was dirty not surprising given that it hadn’t been cleaned in months but even so it was dirtier than it should have been dirtier than seemed possible the floor was damp and grimy and the room struck cold but he reached out from where he was sitting on the bed and touched the radiator it was hot the room didn’t feel right it should have been warm dusty maybe stuffy perhaps but it shouldn’t have felt like it felt and he spent so long in the room and yet he did so little there were books but he didn’t read not anymore the room was without music there was no noise of any sort there was no clamour when he left the room he didn’t take anything from it apart from the clothes he was wearing and his wallet and the money in his pockets when he returned he didn’t bring anything fresh or new back apart from the money of course that was constantly changing he always placed it on top of the bedside cabinet sorting the coins into little stacks and putting his wallet on top of the notes a makeshift paperweight but there was no breeze in the room it was almost airless he couldn’t understand how a room so small and cluttered a room with a radiator so hot he couldn’t bear to touch it could be so cold he contemplated buying a coat a heavy and bulky winter coat with a hood and a padded lining he pictured himself in his room wearing the coat laying on the bed but he knew that it wouldn’t help

4 thoughts on “HIS ROOM

  1. I really like the absence of punctuation in this Mark – I feel that is very effective in conveying both the scene and the emotions behind it.
    A great portrayal of that moment when one sees the pointlessness of everything.

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