Image by Christine Renney

We are divided but we all believe in the City.  How could we not?  The evidence is everywhere.  We have the artefacts and the photographs.  It is our story and, if we are unable to understand yet, we can at least know it and we are putting it in order, into sequence.  It is a good story filled with great feats, a catalogue of achievement but it is the City that has invaded our thoughts and has captured our collective consciousness.  Yes, we believe in the City but it is more than this.  We worship it.  The City with its tall buildings and narrow streets teaming with life, all nationalities and cultures colliding and co-existing and surviving.  The City is that to which we aspire. 

But we are divided.  There are those who believe we should begin again and rebuild the City, no matter how long it may take.  But there are others who are convinced that the City still exists and we know of course that there was more than one, possibly hundreds.  And this growing faction insists our mission should be to search for it.  To find the City and infiltrate it.  That this is the way in which we should begin again. 

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