Image by Christine Renney

Listening to the most beautiful 

Song Birds I’ve ever heard 

Two suns shining on me 

When I hear their voices, 

My mind is free as if I 

Were riding in the sky 

Alongside my Song Birds 

The answer to my prayers 

Their voices lift me up 

From the Dark Abyss of Life 

On a cloud carrying me 

To a blissful, peaceful and loving World 

Where love, happiness and forgiveness dwell 

Their songs are my lifesaver 

Becoming my magic carpet 

Floating away on their 

Soft, soulful voices 

This poem was written by my penfriend, Henri Cartier Broadway, who is incarcerated on Death Row in Angola Prison. I hope that you will read his words without prejudice. Thank you.

Christine Renney

6 thoughts on “GUEST POST – ‘SONG BIRDS’ by H C BROADWAY

    1. Ah thanks Chris – Henri does try to stay positive and hopeful and recognition of his thoughts will help him to remain so. Thank you so much, Christine. Hope you are well too dear Chris.

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