Image by Christine Renney

The Evidence Room is located in the bowels of the building.  In order to reach it the Investigator hasn’t any choice other than to make his way down.  The elevator at ground level goes up only and into the light, where there are windows and corners of sky and people working in front of screens.  But sometimes it is necessary for the Investigator to get his hands dirty and work through the effects of the missing and the murdered.  The clothes they had been wearing and the things they left behind. 

The staircase is narrow and steep and he thinks about all the boxes that have been carried down over the years, over the decades.  All of those belongings sealed in plastic and languishing undisturbed. 

Stepping into the room the Investigator, as always, is impressed by the orderliness and the symmetry.  All of the boxes are identical in design and the same size.  The labels are front and centre and the handwriting in black biro is clear and concise.  The name, if known, and a reference number and the date when the evidence was first logged. 

Many of the boxes are tightly packed without any space to spare but there are others containing just a few items; a handful of loose change perhaps or a single bank note or an empty wallet or a watch, the face cracked and scuffed and unreadable. 

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