Image by Christine Renney

The Investigator steps back from the scene and exits the house via the front door.  He moves out onto the street and beyond the barriers.  He stands amongst the onlookers allowing the others to get in close and to do what they need to do.  He won’t move again until they are finished and have gathered and extracted all of the trace evidence and the DNA; the blood, the fluids, the fibres, the particles.  Not until the body has been removed along with everything else the others deem to be pertinent and their work has begun elsewhere will he re-enter the house. 

For now, the Investigator waits patiently and he listens to the excited chatter of the crowd, of the neighbours, the people who live on this street. Of course, what they are saying is merely conjecture, they are speculating.  But they keep mentioning a woman’s name and they all seem to agree that whatever has happened in this house, she is the victim.  The Investigator takes out his notebook and he writes it down.  It isn’t very much but it is something, a name, a place from which he can begin. 

6 thoughts on “THE INVESTIGATOR #2

  1. It is amazing that you can write a satisfying story (setting character, mood) in two short paragraphs. It puts the subtle skills of your writing on display.

  2. This really does showcase your talent, as a previous commenter said. As a reader, you want to know what will happen when he goes back into the house, yet the scene we have is also satisfying. It’s a complete scene, even though it’s so short. So well done.

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