Image by Christine Renney

The murderer didn’t break in.  There aren’t any signs of a forced entry.  Not inside nor out.  No trampled flower beds and muddy footprints, no broken glass or fragments of china, kicked and scattered across the wooden flooring and trodden into the rugs. 

The evidence of anything untoward is contained in just one room, the living room.  And now that the body has been removed all that is left is the blood on the carpet.  The Investigator moves in close and, gazing down, he tries to make sense of the patterns it has made. 

They must have been close, the assailant and the victim, locked in an embrace.  The former much bigger and stronger than the latter and easily able to hold her still.  To stifle and contain it.  The others would be able to tell him more; the angle of the knife and the number of thrusts and which of the wounds was fatal.   

But looking down at the blood stains, the Investigator can see it was swift and that they had been close. 

2 thoughts on “THE INVESTIGATOR #3

    1. Thanks Pam. I’m trying with this series to jump around, capturing moments rather than following a particular narrative. Regards Mark.

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