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Growing up, Imissed out on a lot of greattelly, not because my dad was particularly strict or had some sort of moral agenda. He just pretty much hated everyone on the box. I’d be halfway through aprogrammeand he’d come and grab the remote. Back then there were four channels and so, unless it was time for the news or a football match was on, it was unlikely he was going to find something without at least one person he couldn’t stand the sight of and eventually he would switch it off and that was it – notelly.

I guess it was fair enough. It was his television; he had paid for it as he would constantly remind us. But when I went round my mates’ houses, Irealisedthat wasn’t how it worked elsewhere, that everyone had a say about what they watched. I reckon that was when…

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2 thoughts on “THE TUBE

  1. Pretty funny really, my dad was a lot like that – now I’m about the age he was, generationally I mean, I find there is quite a lot on TV and in the media in general to which I object strongly!! Luckily I don’t have kids! 😀 😀

    1. Thank you Ogden. I know just what you mean, I find myself making a concerted effort not to act like my dad did back then.

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