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I lead a mundane life and I’m okay with that. In fact, I embrace it. I have always managed to make enough money in order to provide for myself and give a little to charity. If I have any ambition at all it is simply to be the quintessential ‘Everyman.’ But as I navigate my way through each day, head down and hardly speaking, Irealisethat I have failed.

I voted to Remain and I read The Guardian, I read poetry, I write poetry, I haven’t read TheDaVinci Code, and I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

I didn’t watch ‘the game’ last night or ‘MrsBrown’s Boys’ or ‘Top Gear’ – I don’t play golf or ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Grand Theft Auto’. And I don’t think Katie Hopkins has ‘a point’ or that Boris Johnson is ‘doing his best’ and ‘will get it sorted.’

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